Professional Dog Training

Private Dog Training Lessons

training-dog2 Private lessons are available in your home from our highly qualified dog trainer. The trainer will develop an individualized dog training program designed to meet your goals as well as the specific needs of your puppy or dog. The length of the program is determined by what your goals are, in addition to any specific behavior problems you wish to address.

Dog Grooming Preparation

training-dog3All dogs require regular grooming. Whether they need a bath, hair cut, nail trim, or ear cleaning, for most dogs, the entire process is filled with stress and anxiety which in some cases, can lead to aggression.

Groom Preparation training wil help to:

  • Condition your dog to accept handling from different people
  • Acclimate your dog to the tools used (dryers, clippers, scissors, nail trimmers)
  • Train your dog to stand still while on a smooth, raised surface
  • Transform your dog’s perception of grooming into one that is positive and stress-free