Fur Crazy Story

Fur Crazy Salon Grooming The “fur crazy” story started one day while we were walking our beloved dogs. We decided to combine our love of, and dedication to, animals with our extensive experience on both a professional and a personal level, and turn this into a business. Hence “Fur Crazy” was born.

The minute you walk into our Boca Raton salon, you will notice the attention we have paid to ensuring a stress-free experience for our furry clients. The comfortable and tranquil environment will always be meticulously clean and organized. The typical noisy areas of a dog and cat grooming shop have been specifically designed to reduce noise levels that would otherwise cause unnecessary stress and tension. Our cages were specially chosen to reduce our clients’ discomfort, which you will notice in your pets’ attitude to our environment.

Fur Crazy SalonThe next aspect you will notice is the care and compassion from the Fur Crazy team. We have very carefully screened, chosen and trained every member of our staff so that there is no weak link – from the bathers to the groomers, every employee possesses and reflects our own love, passion and expertise in every service they perform. We will NOT compromise.

Let our “Fur Crazy” family help in creating a happier, healthier furry friend for you and your family.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
— Mahatma Gandhi