Fur Crazy Testimonials

“Sam, my 6 year old Schnauzer, has asked me to tell his friends that Dawn is the best groomer he has ever had! He really enjoys his bath and expert styling, and prances around for days looking handsome. He sends his “paw of approval”. I am also pleased that Dawn always has him ready on time.”

— Jan of Boca Raton


I highly recommend Dawn and the staff at Fur Crazy for all the wonderful attention and care they give my Poodle, Ava. Fur Crazy is the cleanest, best-smelling, and attractive salon I have ever been to in my 27 years as a poodle owner, and I have lived in five states! Dawn always listens to what services I would like for Ava. One time, she even went out to purchase nail polish in a particular color because she knows how much I like nail polish on Ava. I also like the fact that the grooming area is open to public viewing over a half door. That reassures me the salon has nothing to hide and are proud of the way they treat their guests. Ava is a standard poodle that literally stops traffic when we walk down the street. People pull over to remark how beautiful her haircut is and to ask me where she gets groomed. I proudlly tell them to see Dawn at Fur Crazy.

— Renee of Boca Raton

“Dawn is definitely the No. 1 groomer in Boca Raton. Before I discovered Dawn, my Roxy tried several groomers and each time returned to me with a bad hair day. Then we were recommended to Dawn and bad hair days went south. Dawn takes care of everything – the hair in the ears, around their pads, etc. She is such a gentle person that the puppies see her and can’t wait to go with her. Now with my second puppy, Fannie, there was never a question that she too would go to Dawn and after one session, she couldn’t wait to go back. Both Fannie and Roxy are kept in puppy cuts and always look adorable. If any recommendations are needed, please ask Dawn for my number. We can’t say enough good things.”

— Elaine of Boca Raton

“Rocco, my prized Chinese Crested Powder Puff, has been groomed by Dawn since he was a puppy. He is now five. My 1st Chinese Crested was also groomed by Dawn. I would only trust my dogs with Dawn. She is kind, loving and always does a great job and treats my pets with loving care. She is the best groomer in Boca and Rocco loves her! He always looks adorable when he comes home. We love Dawn the groomer!”

— Laurie of Boca Raton

Fur Crazy is the best new place in town for all you animal lovers out there! They have brought grooming to a whole new level. I know my dog is in good hands when I leave him with Dawn. Her personal attention is very special. She is kind and caring and puts even the most nervous dog at ease. From the moment you enter the salon, you are greeted by colorful, happy dog portraits and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. My dog always comes home pampered, fluffed and happy. We are crazy for Fur Crazy!

— Debra of Delray Beach

“What a great grooming experience. Her kindness, warmth and love made my dogs happy to be there… Your dog will look forward to his next date with Dawn.”

— Scott of Gainesville

“I’ve been getting my dog groomed by Dawn for many years. She’s the only groomer I trust. My pet soul- mate Cali has hip dysplasia and arthritis. When I take her for grooming not only does she come home looking and smelling GREAT, but she is not limping or lame. This tells me that Dawn has taken her time and is very compassionate towards Cali’s disability. Dawn is trustworthy, loyal, and the only groomer for Cali!”

— Mary of Boca Raton

“We were so excited to hear your wonderful news about your OWN place…we know you will continue giving only your very best work and your loving and caring ways to our pets. When ever we have Spencer out with us, we are constantly stopped and asked WHERE do you groom him? He always stands out in the pack of his pals! Thanks for keeping him looking so handsome.”

— Marilyn of Boca Raton

“My 17 year old poodle, Gizmo has been in her tender and loving hands, it seems like forever. He was a young and restless young dog when we started and now is aging with hearing loss and failing eyesight. Even when we moved further north, I continued to bring him to Dawn. I just couldn’t trust his care in anyone else’s hands except hers. I considered her to be the best and I know that my Gizmo will be well groomed and well taken care of. Thank you Dawn.”

— Rosalie of West Palm Beach

Hi, my name is Amber, and I am a Tibetan Terrier. I am a double-coated breed, and with the hot temperatures in South Florida, I like to be styled in a “puppy cut”. My coat requires a full blow dry, and Dawn makes me beautiful. She is patient with me and makes my salon visits lots of fun! I recommended her to my pal Lily, a Havenese, who also visits Dawn for her grooming. Dawn has been my stylist for a long time. Her new place Fur Crazy is very posh. I could say so much more, but it’s treat-time and I love my cookies! Don’t forgot to check my pal Lily’s info! ….and make an appointment with Dawn for your special four legged pal!

— Amber (and her mom Stacey) of Boca Raton

I have been taking Lily, my Havanese, to Dawn since she was 12 weeks old. I have always been very happy with Dawn and the service I receive. Dawn’s new shop is so bright, clean and dog friendly! Some groomers don’t want you to see their grooming area, but when you walk into the waiting room you can see where your pet is groomed and it’s as bright and happy as the waiting room. Dawn loves animals and my Lily loves her!

— Patti of Boca Raton

Hi, my name is Lily and I’m a 1 year old Havanese. I’m a real girly girl and like to look my best, so I asked my friend Amber, a Tibetan Terrier, “who does your hair?” She sent me right to Fur Crazy and now…I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my locks. My groomer, Dawn, always makes me feel so special. She lets me give her kisses and she even kisses me back!

— Lily (and her mom, Patti) of Boca Raton

Fur Crazy is truly a reflection of its owner’s genuine love for dogs! Every aspect from its adorable decor, stress free atmosphere and customer service are all first-rate. For Sebastian, an Old English who used to run in the opposite direction at the mere the site of a brush, Dawn has not only made his grooming day into a very pleasant experience, but he simply adores her! He prances into this cheerful salon as if he owns the place, greets her with enthusiasm and follows her with such obvious trust in knowing that her gentle techniques will never hurt. Her finished results are that of a true perfectionist in every aspect from the condition of his skin, appearance and texture of his coat, and her meticulous attention to every grooming detail from his head right down to perfectly shaped paws. Fur Crazy has set a new standard for pet salons in Boca, and Dawn has proven herself to be Boca’s Best of the Best!

— Audrey of Boca Raton

We have been so fortunate to have found Dawn and the fabulous family at Fur Crazy. For the first time, Banjo, our baby Bichon, loves to get groomed …he jumps from the car when we get there! The ONLY place to take your baby is FUR CRAZY!

— Christina of Boca Raton