Our Pet Friendly Philosophy

It’s all about the animals. Period.

philosophy dog in tub fur crazyEverything we do at Fur Crazy, including its very existence, is based upon our love of, and dedication to, dogs and cats. This love and dedication goes beyond the daily love for our own pets, even bordering on obsession! But we see this “craziness” as a positive obsession – if we make just one dog or one cat healthier or happier, or reduce one animal’s stress level, then we have done our job. After all, they are equal members of our families and deserve to be treated as such.


philosophy dog in grass fur crazyIt is for this reason that we have worked with several animal rescues and charities, have spent over 25 combined years helping improve the daily lives of thousands of dogs and cats, and will consistently donate a percentage of our sales to local animal causes.

Our philosophy: We will do whatever it takes to ensure that every dog and cat member of the Fur Crazy family not only benefits greatly from our care and services, but actually enjoys something that is usually an unpleasant experience.

“You think dogs will not be in heaven?
I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.”
— Robert Louis Stevenson